Sweet News: Dispenser for perfect teaspoonfuls of sugar

Whether at the office or at home - Heftitec's new sugar dispenser makes pouring exact teaspoonfuls of sugar easy as pie. Cup after cup. Mug after mug. Clumsy handling of tea bowls or sugar cubes is definitely a thing of the past. Sweetening your coffee break is now just a matter of simply pressing a button.

Our new sugar pourer comes with two clever features: Its spout at the top allows for easy and controlled pouring when using a spoon. If you don't want to use a teaspoon just quickly and firmly press the button at the bottom of the dispenser for precise teaspoonfuls of sugar, premeasured in the interior receptacle, that go right into - not around - your cup, mug or glass.

- easy pouring: just hit the button
- no need for sugar bowls and spoons
- dispenser keeps sugar in top hygienic condition and moisture out
- aesthetic, modern and purposeful design, slightly conical towards the top
- content: 300 ml (10.5 fl. oz.)
- can be printed easily with a company name, logo or a promotional/campaign slogan  
- available in a selection of attractive colours (starting from 1,000 units/colour/print)

Easy to use, this new sugar dispenser is a great addition to your household and perfect for keeping sugar within reach for coffee, tea etc. Hotels will equally appreciate this spotless sugar pourer which ensures hygienic, efficient use on breakfast or coffee tables and wherever you need sugar close at hand.

For more information on our new sugar dispenser please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

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