Heat-resistant cooking utensils

Great cooking starts with great utensils – heat resistant up to 270°C/518°F

There is a growing demand for kitchen utensils that will leave no residues in the food. As lots of tests have revealed some materials react to heat in a way – even invisibly - that will badly affect the quality of food and, consequently, our health.

Heftitec's cooking utensils have been designed to give you peace of mind in food preparation. Should you ever happen to leave a turner, spoon or other utensil in your pan longer than needed, they will withstand heat to amazing levels of up to 270°C/518°F. This is because we only use heat-resistant materials of matchless, foodgrade quality.

What customers say about our slotted turner: "Excellent and safe on non-stick surfaces; unlike other products, it doesn't melt."

Heftitec's cooking utensils are very hard yet unbreakable and have an above-average length of life. Manufactured to highest standards with perfectly smooth surfaces and edges our range of kitchen utensils will not scratch any quality non-stick cookware.

Heat resistance:
Slotted turner 270°C / 518° F
Spoonula 270°C / 518° F
Pasta spoon 240°C / 464° F
Cooking spatula 240°C / 464° F
Whisk 240°C / 464° F
Silicone spoon 240°C / 464° F
Silicone spatula, large 270°C / 518° F
Silicone spatula, small 270°C / 518° F
Silicone brush 270°C / 518° F

Our high-quality durable cooking tools give bacteria no chance and come with an attractive modern design including a hole for easy storage. Available in red and black.

The whole product range is manufactured in Switzerland and entitled to carry the prestigious "Swiss Made" label. All products are confirmed foodgrade and backed by certificates based on the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB), submitted upon request.

Heftitec's durable, foodgrade utensils will upgrade any well equipped kitchen to the perfect place to celebrate the passion for cooking and food.

Founded 40 years ago, Heftitec SA specialises in kitchen utensils and gadgets. Its head offices are in Cugnasco, Switzerland. Experience refined over decades, continuous access to the latest production technology, competitive prices and above all customer-oriented service has made Heftitec SA the leading Swiss manufacturer of Swiss-made kitchen accessories. Over 98% of our basic range is manufactured in five production plants and four assembly plants in Switzerland. We develop and produce kitchen accessories for well-known international brands and supermarket chains.

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