Make peeling as colourful as the spring bloom – with Swiss Peelers from Heftitec

Swiss Peeler with Standard top quality blade

Swiss Peeler Display

Let Heftitec's Swiss Peelers add some great and colourful eye-catchers to your household department. Starting from 2'000 units you can choose a multitude of shades from the many Pantone® colours.

All our Swiss Peelers for fruit and veg are equally ideal for right and left handers. And they all come with that nifty little potato eye remover. When it comes to blades you'll see that Swiss Peelers are really on the cutting edge.

Whatever needs peeling, we have the right blade:

Standard top-quality blade:
Superb peeling quality for any fruit and veg. Easy removal of the skin with little waste. Equally perfect for cutting super-thin slivers from cheese straight into salads. Not suitable for dishwasher use.

Stainless steel blade:
Excellent blade for perfect peeling with little waste of fruit and veg, including asparagus, and tasty slivers for mouth-watering decorations.

Serrated blade:
The jagged serrated blade glides effortlessly through soft and delicate fruit and veg. This special blade perfectly removes nothing but the skin from tomatoes, peppers, avocados etc.

Julienne blade:
For perfect matchstick-size veg strips. Julienne strips are great for decorating food, salads and soups, shorter cooking times, wholesome preparation of food, steaming in a wok etc.

Trooping the colour(s) the Swiss Peelers' way: celebrating Heftitec's quality blades from the Household Division for top sellers in your shelves.

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