SWISS UNCORKER (patented) - for effortless removal of all wine corks and capsules

Natural corks, synthetic wine corks - whatever type of cork stopper you want to remove, the SwissUncorker with its high-quality, solid design lets you open wine bottles with next to no effort in next to no time.

Heftitec's patented SwissUncorker

The SwissUncorker is suitable for all bottleneck sizes, including larger ones of more recent exotic types of bottles. The concentric spiral worm precisely positions itself in the very centre of the cork. Its ideal length, spiral angle and non-stick coating ensure perfect removal of any corks, including long corks typically sealing Bordeaux wines, leaving no residue in the wine. This product comes with extra lifetime thanks to the solid and permanent mechanical mounting of the spiral (no glue). The turning handle and the body of the corkscrew unit are firmly interlocked through a snap-on mechanism. The stylish SwissUncorker stands all by itself - no need for an extra holder - and is available in various colours.

What is unique about Heftitec's SwissUncorker is its universal foil cutter - a satellite fully integrated in the turning handle. Heftitec is the world's first manufacturer offering this solution. 

Turning handle and its clever satellite - Heftitec's unique foil cutter

The foil cutter is a cleverly designed mini tool with three stainless steel cutting wheels that easily and quickly remove all types of capsules - lead, aluminium or plastic. 

Foil cutter in action - easy removal of all types of capsules

Heftitec's SwissUncorker with its unique satellite foil cutter is also perfect for promotional merchandise, business gifts, incentives, conferences and events, etc.

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