Ice Cream Scoop

Heftitec SA has designed a new object of beauty: our super-solid, durable ice cream scoop. It is made of high-quality technopolymer and comes with an ergonomic handle for perfect ease of use. Our new kitchen utensil is great for beautifully proportioned ice cream scoops and mouth-watering desserts. Not to forget rice, polenta, couscous, meatballs, mashed potatoes and other delectables you can scoop right into your plate.

Our ice cream scoop, designed for a perfect grip, has a slightly rounded, robust handle reducing scooping efforts to a minimum. Its integrated lever makes serving each single scoop easy as pie. The smooth surface on the inside of the scoop head ensures easy release. Thanks to its sharpended edges the ice scoop will cut through any and all sorts of ice cream.

Our ice cream scoop has an open, hygienic design and is dishwasher proof. To handwash your scoop, simply rinse it in water.

- ideal for all kinds of ice cream
- sturdy, rigid handle (remains straight)
- dishwasher safe, easy to clean
- material: ABS
- overall length: 20.5 cm

Well-proportioned scoops, diameter approx. 5 cm, easy to use.

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